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The Smoothest Essex Vodka

Vodka bottle next to vodka and lemonade drinks




Have you heard the one about the award-winning, Essex-based artisanal gin company that sounds like a certain TV show, but makes the most delicious, silky smooth vodka? 


We’re not joking - that’s us! 


Our Signature Vodka is the purest and original form of the spirit, and is lovingly made from French wheat grain. 

It’s perfect to sip either served over ice with a splash of your favourite mixer, or as part of luxurious cocktails, and is also 100% vegan and gluten-free.


A bottled history of vodka

Depending on who you ask (or what you ask Google), the Russians were the first to produce vodka - known as ‘vodička’ which translates as ‘little water’ - distilled possibly from potatoes in around the 9th century. 


In roughly 1430, a monk named Isidore from Moscow’s Chudov monastery used his knowledge of distillation to create the recipe for a new, higher quality type of spirit. The story of vodka had begun. 


Over the centuries, Russian nobles began to produce large quantities of vodka, using charcoal to purify it. Today it is the world’s best-known and most widely enjoyed spirit, with around 16.4 million litres sold in the UK alone. Little wonder there’s a growing appetite for artisanal vodka!


Surprisingly, this clear, pure spirit can be made from a range of ingredients including potatoes, fruit and even sugar on its own. Most modern vodkas are created using sorghum, corn, rice, rye or, as in our case, wheat. 

Our gluten-free luxury vodka 

We think our Signature product is the ultimate expression of luxury vodka: it’s bold, yet has a smooth and creamy taste. 


It is lovingly produced from scratch not from potatoes, but from French wheat, and is seven times distilled and carbon filtered. As if that wasn’t tempting enough, thanks to the distillation process, it’s also gluten free. 


That’s because even though the vodka is produced using wheat, the heat generated during distillation evaporates the alcohol, leaving a gluten residue behind. 


We love to pay attention to the details at our distillery, which means we ensure our added ingredients and flavours are also gluten-free. How’s that for inspiration to raise a glass?

Signature vodka 

There is a school of thought that vodka doesn’t have much of a flavour. When it comes to our artisanal, luxury vodka, it couldn’t be further from the truth! 


Our Signature Vodka is a clear and clean character-rich premium drink, with hints of almond and black pepper on the nose. It feels and tastes creamy on the tongue with a dryish, spicy and nutty finish. 


If you want to experience the ultimate Moscow Mule, then our Signature Vodka is a must-have to create this fruity, feisty cocktail. 


You can shop more of our delicious cocktail recipes here

Premium Blue Raspberry vodka

Despite the many stereotypes, we couldn’t be more proud of our Essex roots. The county is renowned for its seafood, jam and vineyards - and now our hand-crafted smooth and silky artisanal vodkas. 


The Essex region, as well as the Great British countryside, are a constant source of inspiration, so it was only right that we took one of the nation’s favourite fruits and combined it with our Signature vodka. 


The result is our Premium Blue Raspberry vodka. This high quality, eye-catching spirit is as funky as its packaging design, and has a sweet, fruity taste. 

A heavenly raspberry aroma is the first thing you experience, while there are ripe, rich berries on the palate and a smooth, sweet raspberry taste lingers on the finish. Delicious! 


It’s every bit as much of a showstopper when paired with lemonade, garnished with raspberries and mint, served over ice, or blended with mixers to make more fabulous cocktails.

Blue raspberry vodka and lemonade garnished with raspberries
Vanilla vodka on the rocks

Premium Vanilla Flavoured Vodka

Exceptionally smooth and velvety, with a creamy flavour, our premium vanilla vodka is going to be the flavour of the summer! 


It contains no added sugar and is made exclusively from natural ingredients, so you can feel good about every glass. 


The initial aroma is all about the vanilla pods (it’s almost like inhaling ice cream) while delicious notes of butterscotch and toffee swirl around your palate. 


Serve it either neat or on the rocks and, of course, it’s utterly perfect in a cocktail. 

Shipping and returns 

We send our craft spirits across the UK, with FREE shipping to the Sawbridgeworth area as well as on all orders over £25. 


Our shipping prices are listed here. For international orders, please visit Master of Malt


You can also find all information about claims for breakages, cancelling orders and our returns policy here


Contact us 

If you have any general questions about any of our distilled products, or have any feedback to offer, we’d love to hear from you.

Please complete this form and we will get back to you straight away. 


For any trade enquiries, please email us at

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