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Celebrating The Coronation

With the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III just around the corner (Saturday, May 6), many of you will now be putting a plan together for how you would like to celebrate this historic event. With a variety of events taking place across the country, there is so much to enjoy this coronation weekend.

If you're celebrating at home with friends and family or joining a community event, why not Host a celebration fit for a King!

Our red, white and blue luxury spirits will make your Coronation celebrations not just look great but taste royally delightful.

We have two tantalisingly tasty Gins and a stunning Vodka, to create a royal treat.


To create a royal red delicious drink, we suggest our Rhubarb Gin Liqueur. It has a sweet fruit aroma and delicate juniper notes, while the taste is a dizzying blend of jammy summer fruits. Enjoy our small batch rhubarb gin liqueur with a dash of tonic water, artisanal lemonade or ginger ale and a slice of fresh orange. If you want to push the boat out, top it up with Prosecco.


For the classic gin lover, our lovingly created Signature Gin, an exquisite, classic London dry gin made in small batches, and using natural ingredients. We’re not the only ones to say our own gin is delicious. It’s also won five medals globally, including the gold at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, where we were the only UK gin company to win a medal. Not bad for local produce!

And, Blue

Bring on the blue with our Premium Blue Raspberry vodka. This high quality, eye-catching spirit is as funky as its packaging design, and has a sweet, fruity taste. It’s every bit as much of a showstopper when paired with lemonade, garnished with raspberries and mint, served over ice, or blended with mixers to make more fabulous cocktails.

Garnish your royal sips with mixed berries; we used a bag of frozen berries, which make delicious garnishes. And you've catered for all tastes at your special celebration.

Hop over to our website to check out our Coronation Drinks Package, where you'll find these delightful spirits at a time-limited, special offer price of £90 (RRP. £102.50). And with UK-wide FREE delivery too.

Your Coronation celebration drinks sorted!

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