Party, Party, Party Cocktail Box
Party, Party, Party Cocktail Box

Party, Party, Party Cocktail Box


This box makes:

2 x Living in Colour

“I prefer living in colour” as David Hockney said.  Me too!  Let’s have some fun!!

2 x Med Spritz

This spritz is what summer is made for.  White wine, The Only Way Is Gin & freshly squeezed orange juice.

2 x Red Queen

The colour of this cocktail will always impress.  The Queen of our cocktails!

What’s in your cocktail box?

6 x 50ml The Only Way Is Gin (40%)

1 x 50ml Chambord (16.5%)

1 x 200ml White wine

2 x 200ml Britvic cranberry juice

4 x 200ml Fever-Tree tonic water

2 x Oranges

1 x Lemon

1 x Lime

2 x 32g Rainbow Drops

3 x Cocktail Cards

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Get the party started with an amazing splash of colour…or an overload of Rainbow Drops! Follow this with a drink that absolutely will be your drink of the summer. Finish with the impressive Red Queen.

We supply you with 20 items to make these 6 exciting cocktails, including six 50ml bottles of The Only Way Is Gin, and cocktail recipe cards.

Weight 101 kg


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