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Our perfectly-formed small batch gin

Colourful bottle of gin next to grapefruit slice

They say good things come in small packages, Never a truer word was spoken when it comes to our delicious gin. 


We hand craft our gin, using traditional methods and the very best ingredients, producing a small batch at a time, so every one of our unique bottles gets our full love and attention. 


The care we take is a testament to our passion for gin and the world of spirits. And we believe our customers can taste the difference. 

Why small batch gin?


That’s a good question. Our business may be small but we’re ambitious (in a good way) and want our small batch gin to delight everyone who takes a sip. 


Our story started with the Signature Dry London gin, which includes poppy seeds from the Essex county flower as one of its key botanicals. 


When we create our small batch gin, it means we can make sure every possible aspect of it is perfect: from the prominent juniper notes to that soft, creamy mouthfeel.  


The saying may be “go big or go home”, we’d rather stay at home in our beloved Essex, keep the personal touch and feel great. 


That mindset has also been poured into the range of other unique small batch gins we have created, each distilled with care and pride. 

Fruity and juicy small batch gin

Our Signature gin tastes amazing when served with a slice of pink grapefruit or orange for the ultimate gin and tonic. 


If you’re in the mood for something a little perkier, we’ve got more delicious gins for you to enjoy. 


Our hand-crafted, Raspberry Pink small batch gin has botanicals including juniper and raspberry, as well as a touch of orange zest and peppery spice.


It’s not as sweet as other spirits and has a slightly lower ABV than our Signature Gin, at 37.5%. 


It’s the perfect small batch gin to pair with Prosecco and mint to create a chic cocktail, or pour neat over ice and lemon, with tonic or lemonade. 

Pink Raspberry gin bottle next to pink drink on a table in the garden
Rhubarb gin bottle next to pink drink

Or, why not order a bottle of our Premium Rhubarb Gin Liqueur. It’s a blend of tangy rhubarb and our unique Signature small batch gin, and a little stronger than most liqueurs, with an ABV of 27.5%. 

It packs a punch in a velvet glove, with delicate warmth, cut through with a spiced finish. Best served over ice or enjoyed with tonic water and orange, or a splash of ginger ale. 

Delivery, shipping and returns 


We send our small batch gin across the whole of the UK, with FREE shipping to the Roydon, Essex area as well as on all orders over £25. 


Our delivery prices are listed here. For customers looking to place international orders for our small batch gin, please visit Master of Malt


You can also find all information about claims for breakages, cancelling orders and our returns policy here

Contact us 


If you have any general questions about our small batch gin or any of our craft products, or have any feedback to offer, we’d love to hear from you. Please complete this form and we will get back to you straight away. 


For any trade enquiries, please email us at

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