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Bespoke Corporate Events With A Distinctive Flavour

Behind every successful business is a great company culture. One of the best ways to stoke all that good feeling is with our team building activities and bespoke corporate events. 


If you’re looking for an unusual or unique way to build a team, entertain corporate clients or hold a staff celebration, you’ve found it. 


Available to book Monday to Thursday, our gin distillery is the ideal location for your corporate event, training or team building events. 


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A bespoke, corporate event to remember

Corporate events, from away-day meetings to mini-conferences, can sometimes feel like something to be endured rather than enjoyed. 


The challenge is making them memorable, so the point of the gathering doesn’t get lost, colleagues don’t get bored and the whole thing isn’t a waste of time and money. 


We have the ideal solution. 


Hold your next corporate or club meeting at our purpose-built space that is available for hire Monday to Thursday in Sawbridgeworth. 


It is also home to our gin school and shop.

A rural location for your event

When it comes to the perfect venue for your bespoke corporate events, it’s hard to beat our gin distillery and gin school.


It is a world away from the usual bland, uninspiring meeting room where team members slowly fall asleep during the course of the corporate event. 


We are located in a lovely, rural setting on the Hertfordshire/Essex border close to the M11, so it’s easy for teams to get to and from a central London office. 


As well as providing a fantastic venue for bespoke corporate events, we can take the pressure off and host your meeting. 


We will ensure every detail is taken care of, ensuring all attendees engage and get the very best out of the experience.

Let us handle your corporate events

Nikki Mendes, founder of The Only Way Is Spirits, has over 20 years’ experience organising and running corporate meetings, training events and team building events. 


We can put together a bespoke event that lasts for a single day, or cater for a number of different company departments with a diverse range of bespoke events. 


We are thrilled to say our tailored corporate packages have already been a resounding success, so don’t delay in booking yours. 


They are available for all types of away days, events, meetings and social events. Give us all the details and we’ll take care of the rest.


Creative team building activities

Pleasing everyone during corporate events can be challenging, but there are endless ways for us to create a memorable, bespoke corporate event. 


Our three-hour Gin School experience is the ideal team building event, or fun way to unwind after a long corporate meeting. It includes: 


  • complimentary drinks 

  • a tour of our distillery

  • discovering the dark history of London’s ‘gindustry’

  • tips and tricks for tasting gin

  • sampling our signature spirits 

  • shop discount (for the date of your event)


Attendees at your bespoke event will learn the art of distillation using our equipment. 


They will take charge of a beautiful mini copper still to develop and distil their own, unique 70cl bottle of gin, complete with its own label. 


Fun team building challenges include asking a group of employees to devise a gin that represents their company, or watching teams of colleagues competing to create the best bottle. 

Inspiring memorable moments

We’re thrilled to say our corporate events have been a resounding success. 


Business owners have been amazed at the skills, creativity and ideas our bespoke events have sparked from all the teams involved.  


As well as being a fun way to spend a few hours and boost camaraderie among a team, our bespoke events can boost staff morale, and help create lasting relationships with clients. 


Of course, you can choose to have your bespoke event without including our Gin School. We will still pull out all the stops to ensure that everyone has an amazing time.


Quality corporate gifts

Our bespoke events are great for forging bonds among team members who needed a bit of a break, or helping engage a new client. 


Why not take a taste of our bespoke corporate event back to the office by picking up a bottle from our shop, and take advantage of the discount on the day of your bespoke event?


Explore our sublime gin collection and why not add to the bottle your team created during their bespoke event?


Alternatively, you could test out our silky smooth premium vodka, or the Blue Raspberry or Vanilla flavours. 


Why not indulge in our range of rums, with Spiced and Golden flavours, alongside our Premium Chocolate and Orange rum liqueur? 


There’s also our decadent Café Tequila, as well as our miniatures range. Mix and match any four for just £20. 

Book your corporate events with us today

It couldn’t be easier to schedule a corporate or bespoke event for your business with us.


Let us take on the challenge of planning the day’s activities, so you can sit back and reap the rewards of the event: a happier, motivated team, or an engaged client. 

Use this contact form to give us all the details the event should include, and our experts will create a day to remember. We look forward to seeing you!

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