A Gin Bursting With
The Real Spirit Of Essex

There’s lots to love about Essex – the stunning coastline and idyllic countryside, plus some pretty special bars and restaurants too. The county is renowned for its seafood, jam and vineyards, but now raise your glass to The Only Way Is Gin.


It’s not about Essex stereotypes though. We know which programme you’re thinking of!!  It’s about being recognised as coming from Essex, and also being exceptionally proud of it.

The Signature Gin is inspired by the beauty of the county and its landscape.  As a result, we use poppy seeds from the county flower as one of the key botanicals. They combine perfectly with eight, other carefully selected natural botanicals.

The gin is handcrafted in small batches using time-honoured traditional methods. However, the design is fun and funky by contrast.  And all our products are brought to you with a lot of love and care.

We love to have fun and party, and aim to continuously show our followers and customers new ways to enjoy our products.  Check out our socials, our Cocktail Box range and Gin Parties for inspiration!

So, join us for a G&T and experience the real spirit of Essex!

The Founder of The Only Way Is Gin, Nikki, sitting in a field of Poppys, Essex

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