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Indulge yourself in our delicious Essex rum

Rich, velvety, indulgent and delicious... No, we’re not describing TOWIE’s Mario Falcone, we’re talking about our premium chocolate & orange rum liqueur!


Like everything we make here at The Only Way Is Spirits, it’s backed by our passion for creating amazing products that look as good in the bottle as they taste out of it. 


It’s a sumptuous yet mellow treat, whether you decide to enjoy it as a drink or serve it over luscious desserts. 


Our five-star premium rum is also gluten free and vegan, making it a sippable tipple for everyone!   


Chocolate orange rum on the rocks

From pirates’ grog to premium rums

For many people, the word rum brings to mind images of Johnny Depp and his alter-ego Captain Jack Sparrow, but there’s much more to this delicious drink than its association with pirates, the sea and sailors.  


First distilled in the Caribbean in the 1620s, rum is believed to be the oldest spirit in the world. Its names throughout history have included kill-devil, demon water, Navy neaters, Nelson’s blood, Barbados water, grog and rumbullion. 


Although rum is most often thought of as a sweet spirit, white rum can be dry, spiced rum can be an adventure in a glass, while darker rums aged in oak can have a taste that is as layered and subtle as a quality whisky. 


Of course you and your friends can sip it with your favourite mixer (pina colada, anyone?) but we recommend our premium chocolate & orange rum liqueur is treated like a quality cognac and enjoyed neat, so you can really savour the flavour.

How many types of rum are there?

One of the most interesting things about this delicious spirit is although it’s manufactured in several countries and consumed all over the world, there is no standard global classification system. 


That means factors such as the base ingredient, whether it’s sugarcane juice or molasses, minimum alcohol percentage and ageing requirements are different from nation to nation. 


Rum currently breaks down to three styles: English, French (known as rhum) and Spanish. It can also be classified into different grades according to its colour, age and strength. 

White rum 

Also known as light or silver rum, this is generally lighter-bodied and has a sweeter taste, making it perfect for daiquiris or mojito cocktails. 


White rum is made from ingredients such as molasses or sugarcane juice, and is usually aged for a year in oak casks or stainless steel tanks, before being carbon or charcoal filtered. That said, the length of ageing can vary, depending on where it’s produced. 

Gold rum

Also known as ‘amber’ rums, these are medium-bodied drinks whose gorgeous colour comes from a longer ageing in ex-bourbon barrels or by the addition of caramel. Don’t be put off by the latter, it has no impact on the rum’s flavour. 

Dark rum 

There is no exact definition of dark or black rum, which has a stronger flavour and deeper colour. The spirit is usually aged for long periods of time in heavily charred barrels or using oak chips, and caramel can also be used to produce that dark colour, but again won’t affect the taste. 

Spiced rum

To make spiced rums, nutmeg and cinnamon, alongside other flavours such as vanilla, are added during the distillation stage. 

Rhum Agricole

This rum is made from freshly squeezed cane juice, creating an earthy and grassy-tasting drop. It’s a twist on the molasses-based drink, which has creamier, sweeter flavour. 

Our premium Chocolate & Orange rum liqueur

Which brings us beautifully to our premium chocolate & orange rum liqueur: a smooth blend of dark chocolate and zesty orange freshness.


It’s exceptional on its own or over ice, a perfect after-dinner sipping drink. But it’s also a delicious, indulgent addition to your favourite desserts.  


Want to create a quick, moreish treat in the summer? Simply pour a glass of our rum liqueur over ice cream, or add it to the ingredients of your favourite chocolate trifle. 


Need inspiration for a smooth winter warmer? Add a drop to hot chocolate to take it to another level, or pair it with your favourite chocolate dessert to give it a decadent twist. 

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Chocolate orange rum over ice next to espresso coffee

When velvet meets silky... 

When you open a bottle of our premium chocolate & orange rum liqueur, the first aromas are chocolate and caramel, while the flavour is creamy and silky: chocolate-forward with an orange finish. 


Even with this depth of flavour, the mellow rum taste running through the liqueur isn’t overwhelmed, it shines through.


With its funky bottle, as well as the beautiful label and packaging, it’s the ideal gift for rum lovers and the perfect first rum for friends who have never tasted it before.

Lady holding Chocolate orange rum bottle

Golden Rum 

If you’re looking for something a little different, we recommend the latest addition to our range, Golden Rum. 


This gorgeous amber rum is made from the very best quality sugarcane molasses. It’s fermented and distilled using traditional Jamaican methods before being aged in oak barrels, allowing the complex flavours to develop and mature. 


Ideal for the discerning lover of rum and newcomers to this delicious drink, expect caramel, vanilla and tropical fruit notes, all wrapped up in a bold and smooth package. 


As you’d expect for something this special, we’ve designed packaging that stands out from the crowd - just like our Golden Rum.

Shipping and returns 

We send our premium chocolate & orange rum liqueur across the UK, with FREE shipping to the Roydon, Essex area as well as on all orders over £25. 


Our delivery prices are listed here. For customers looking to place international orders, please visit Master of Malt


You can also find all information about claims for breakages, cancelling orders and our returns policy here


Contact us


If you have any general questions about our rum or any of our craft products, or have any feedback to offer, we’d love to hear from you. Please complete this form and we will get back to you straight away. 

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