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The Only Way Is Vodka: All You Need To Know

Updated: Jan 24

If you've been with us for a while, you'll remember we started as a gin company, The Only Way Is Gin. Our Signature Gin won 5 medals globally, the most notable being the Gold at Concurs Mondial de Bruxelles. We were the only UK gin company to win a medal, and we got Gold!

So why expand into vodka?

Following the explosion of craft gin, there is a growing trend for artisanal vodka. We can all probably name at least one large vodka brand. Many spirits companies are now starting to diversify into vodka too.

Why the name?

Firstly, we are not connected to a certain TV programme about Essex - you know which one we mean! Our name, The Only Way Is Spirits, shows how proud we are to come from Essex. It's instantly recognisable and always brings a smile.

What is the base ingredient of The Only Way Is Vodka?

Our Vodka is made from French grain, specifically wheat. It is seven times distilled and carbon filtered.

Is The Only Way Is Vodka Gluten-Free?

Wheat-based vodka is often not regarded as gluten-free against the ones made out of corn and potatoes. However, what makes vodka gluten-free is not the base ingredient but the distillation process.

Gluten is found in wheat, and during the distillation process, when it is heated, the alcohol evaporates, leaving gluten behind as a residue. This makes vodka gluten-free.

Our flavoured vodkas have their specific flavours added after the distillation process. If you are looking for a gluten-free flavoured vodka, it is important to check with the company if their added ingredients are gluten-free. All of ours are.

Is The Only Way Is Vodka better straight or mixed?

As our Signature Vodka is the purest and original form of vodka, it can be enjoyed either straight or mixed. It's amazing ice cold, straight from the freezer or served over ice. All our vodkas, flavoured or not, make the base for luxurious cocktails due to their smoothness.

What does The Only Way Is Vodka taste like?

A common misconception is that all vodka has a bland taste and shouldn’t be consumed without a mixer. It is true that the taste nuances in vodka are very subtle, but drinking your vodka in the right way is crucial for the ultimate experience. With cheaper vodkas, which have usually been created to be consumed as a mixer, the tasting notes will be very different to high-end, luxury vodkas. For a full vodka experience and being able to appreciate the flavour of vodka, it’s recommended to go for a premium vodka brand.

On the nose, our Signature Vodka is clean with hints of almond and black pepper. It feels and tastes creamy on the tongue with a dryish, spicy, and nutty finish. It is a clear and clean character-rich vodka.

A Vodka cocktail to try right now

The Moscow Mule cocktail is a fierce but fruity cocktail and is the perfect go-to when making a cocktail at home. Make this with our Signature Vodka or for and extra taste sensation, try using our Blue Raspberry Vodka instead.

50ml The Only Way Is Vodka/ Blue Raspberry Vodka 20ml of lime juice Top with a quality ginger beer Garnish with lime wheels Serve in a tumbler or Moscow Mule Mug


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