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The Only Way Is Gin Signature

40% ABV/ 70cl


Multi award-winning premium quality gin that is the smoothest London dry gin you'll taste.


Exciting – Flamboyant – A Real Luxury Spirit. Produced in limited quantities from the finest ingredients.


Our gin is handcrafted in our hard-working copper still in our beautiful distillery on the Essex/ Herts border.  The design is modern and bold, but the gin is created using time-honoured, traditional methods.


We're very proud of our Essex roots and the Signature Gin is inspired by the beauty of the Essex countryside and its landscape.  As a result, we use poppy seeds from the county flower as one of the key botanicals. These give the gin its renowned silky, smooth mouthfeel and allow the other flavours to linger in the mouth that little bit longer.


When Nikki, our Founder, created this original product she was determined it would be smooth.  There is no reason why a gin should 'burn'.  And this one definitely doesn't!


Nikki spent years living in Spain.  The aroma when you pop that cork  is reminiscent of the blossom in the orange groves in the Valencia region.


The poppy seed and delicate orange blossom combine perfectly with seven, other carefully selected natural botanicals including fresh orange zest.


Serve with a slice of pink grapefruit or orange for the ultimate Gin & Tonic.


Tasting Notes:

An exquisite, classic London Dry Gin full of flavour. The core flavours are unmistakable, with prominent juniper supported by citrus and soft peppery spice from the poppy seeds.

Nose: Fruity and fragrant aroma with an uplifting welcome of orange blossom.

Palate: Bright floral notes, with great juniper complexity. Plenty of citrus ‘zing’, complimented by the peppery spiciness of the poppy seed.

Finish: A soft, creamy mouthfeel that allows the flavours to linger a little longer.


* Vegan  * Gluten-free


Handcrafted Premium London Dry Gin 70cl

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